Survival Wallet 100% recycled

Lost in the woods "No Worry" survival wallet

The story behind the creation of this wallet is simple: my wife and I love scotch and whiskey. This handmade wallet was inspired by a holiday gift box of scotch. You know the one that comes with two really nice novelty glasses etched with a particular name brand. One Christmas, as we were cleaning up the gift wrap, I noticed how strong the transparent plastic was on the front of the gift box. It was too nice to just throw away....Hence, the survival wallet started to take shape in my thoughts. The cover on the box had a door that was held closed with a magnet and that is what I used as a fastener and to polarize my needles for navigation. Equation is 2 parts: quality recycled plastic and small round magnet. makes it 100% recycled. Contents are not recycled.

All you need for the perfect bushcraft trip....

Everything in the far picture on the right, with the exception of the survival necklace, is packed into the wallet in the middle picture.

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