Skidder Innertube Tactical Messenger Bag

The Tactical Messenger bag is 100% recycled. I have wanted to make a messenger bag out of an innertube ever since I bought one at the Sunday market in Seattle, WA many years ago.

This bag is made from the innertube inside a skidder tire. It weighed 300+ pounds and had to be brought out on a forklift. I cut it into manageable parts in order to transport it to my workshop. These huge innertubes are discarded after they can no longer be used.

It can be carried like a messenger bag with an over the shoulder strap. There is an additional strap that goes around your waist for tactical advantages. The trim and interior is made from my favorite roll of Cordura waterproof fabric that I always have laying around. The straps and fasteners have been collected over the years and explains the variety in color. The inside has three tactical mag pouches that can hold AK/AR mags with additional molle pals attachment points that the front flap covers. The inside has two pockets for additional storage and more separation for contents inside. It is all handstitched and was a long labor of love that I am glad that I was able to figure it out and complete. Thanks for visiting, Stitch.

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