Inner Tube Mag Pouches 100% recycled

This was a fun creation and probably my favorite. The inner tube mag pouches are made from the inner tube of a dirt bike tire. 100% recycled. The idea came from a confluence of 2 parts of my life at that time. First, I had just purchased a used on/off road dirt bike and the tires were a part of the repair. Second, I was working at a job that required the use of a chest rig and lots of mag pouches; all varieties. This got me thinking about the curvature of the inner tube that I had just recently replaced in the tire of my bike, so I approached the local atv store and they were glad to hook me up with a box of used innertubes that would have otherwise been trashed. Came up with a design and the curvature fits AK/AR mags perfectly. This is one I look forward to showing you how to make on youtube (coming soon). See the pics below for the backside and a better idea of how they mount onto a chest rig.

Thanks, Stitch

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