Berber Carpet Ghillie Suit 100% Recycled

Nothing was purchased to make this Kick Ass Ghillie suit. A lot of "stiching" man hours is what created this one of kind suit. The idea for came from when we owned a carpet and tile store many years ago. Every time a new carpet line came out there were new carpet samples to follow for our customers to see and feel along with all colors available within that line. Carpet choices and technology change constantly, so you can only imagine how many carpet samples ranging in various sizes and colors we received over the 7+ years we were in business.

When it came time to throw away discontinued samples, Stitch hated to create that much waste and began to think of an idea for the berber carpet samples. The fibers were permeated with the best water/stain resistant and fire retardent technology available. The fibers have a curled memory that picks up leaves and debris easily (see video below) and the idea for ghillie suit was born. It is around 5 feet long and 4 feet in width, lightweight, and can be stuffed into a gallon size plastic baggie. Our recycled compresssion sack is a perfect fit for it. Everything used to create this suit was laying around the workshop. Each stitch was pulled from the backing of sample and tied onto a lightweight grid (see backing in video below). It is made in a pancho design.

Hit play on the video below to see how well the carpet fibers catch up the sticks and leaves.

More pictures below that.

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