What make us different?

Our Perspective on GARBAGE!

Definition of garbage, trash, rubbish, or refuse -  waste material that is discarded by humans, usually due to a perceived lack of utility. Definition of TACTICAL HIPPIE LIFE -  a UTILITARIAN approach to waste due to a perceived utility.  Simply put, we make stuff from garbage.
Tactical Hippie Life's  approach to recycling stretches far beyond sorting garbage into its necessary bins. After visiting our site we hope to transform the way you see refuse. Tactical Hippie Life is a practice in minimalism and imperfection and defines our company's Core VALUES! Everything we make is never the same and as close to perfect as our skill level will allow. WE LOVE IT THAT WAY!
Our company's MISSION is to promote the idea of a world with less waste by simply thinking twice before you throw something away. Tactical Hippie Life's blog posts will reveal two things behind our creations: the thought process behind it: what made us think twice before throwing it away? and how much of it is actually recycled. Our first post is a simple formula to show you how much is actually made of refuse. Everything is handmade and that's where the hippie part comes in: It's one of a kind and not perfect! To us, perfection is taking the age old adage of "Saving The Planet" to the next level, by reducing the need for additional landfills and eliminating garbage in ALL of our planets salt and fresh waters.
Under recycling trends we hope to provide some inspiration and creative thinking about more aggressive ways to recycle. We want this to be a great GO TO page for educators and those that have a hard time throwing stuff away.
Finally, our VISION is a planet that creates less waste. The complete idea behind Tactical Hippie Life is to promote creative solutions to garbage on a more intimate and less mass manufactured level. 
We invite you to engage us on our blog posts in order to share new and creative ways to reuse waste.  
Before you leave, there is an item in this picture that we recycled instead of throwing away. Can you find it? If so, click "contact us" with your answer.  If its right, we will send you a free Tactical Hippie Life sticker to the address you provide. 
Thanks for visiting and remember to think twice,
The Tactical Hippie Life Team